Guidebook of Stavanger

– A Guidebook for Children

Teddy in Stavanger offers a round trip for children, it is a simple guide booklet written in English for young children written by Julie Monsen. Her love of the city and her background as a special needs teacher has led her to write a simple guide book that makes it possible for all children to have fun discovering the centre of Stavanger together with Teddy.

The booklet takes you on a trip starting at the Tourist Office and stopping at nine places along the way around the city harbour. At each stop there is a question that the child has to answer. This book is fun for both local children and visitors who come on holiday.

With the guide book, you will also get a postcard where you can write the child's name to say that he/she has done the Teddy Tour in Stavanger, Norway. 


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The booklet can be bought at: 
Stavanger Tourist Information Office, Domkirkeplassen 3, 4006 Stavanger. 
Tel: (+47) 51 85 91 00