Learning English with Teddy
– Fun for Young Learners and Very Easy for the Teacher

Supported by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

Learning English with Teddy is a beginner’s book in English which is suitable for nursery schools, the first and second class at primary school and for pupils needing slow progression.The materials aim at giving all pupils good mastering experiences through play and social interaction. It takes into account that children learn in different ways, among other things, the teaching appeals to the use of several senses.

At the same time it is easy for the teacher to understand. Little preparation is needed and it has a definite structure, which soon makes the teacher feel confident.

This then makes room for variation based on each individual’s preferences, local conditions and the make up of the group. Many teachers struggle to find a common platform for their teaching, when the group consists of pupils with very different needs. Learning English with Teddy encompasses the aspect of inclusion.

The Learning English with Teddy pack includes:

Ten colourful pupil booklets

The teaching follows the topics in the ten pupil booklets. The booklets have been divided according to the seasons with related seasonal themes. Emphasis has been placed on the use of English in natural situations using functional English. Pupils are to learn words and expressions that they recognise from their own daily life. The pupil booklets have large, colourful and easily understood pictures.


The teacher’s tools makes it all very simple

The teacher’s book, together with the DVD film, is the teacher’s tool when planning the English lessons. The teacher’s book is visual and simple. It describes the method step by step and gives an overview of the materials needed in each lesson. Teddy is based on structure and repetition. This is easy for the teacher and yet at the same time creates security and predictability for the pupils. 


The song book and CD

Each pupil booklet has its own song the words of which are in the song book Come Sing with Teddy. The music is on the CD. The songs are played slowly. After each song there is an instrumental version. 


The lotto game – for fun and variation

Lotto provides good repetition of the language and adds to the social interaction in class, when the pupils are enjoying themselves. The game has large pictures, taken from the pupil booklet. It is also possible to use the game together with the word cards, which can be downloaded from Teddy’s webpage.


Teddy is vital in the learning process

Teddy is central in the teaching. He symbolises closeness and play. He is something soft and good to hold, something which appeals to the pupils’ tactile senses. Teddy is to inspire the pupils to communicate through play and activities and learning new skills are learnt together with him.