Starting English with Teddy 
– English for Beginners, Based on Play and Social Interaction

Supported by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training

Starting English with Teddy is a learning programme in English for nursery schools and for pupils needing slow progression.

Children travel more and come into contact with foreign languages more frequently than earlier generations. When they experience that learning languages can be fun and easy to master, they gain confidence in their abilities to learn. This confidence can help them to succeed in later education. As English is spoken internationally learning it at an early age provides children with a solid linguistic foundation on which to build upon. This is the underlying principle behind the Starting English with Teddy programme. The programme is financially supported by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training in Oslo.


42 flash cards with
a variety of themes

Using the theme based flashcards helps to make the vocabulary and language clear for the children. This is also supported by using themes that are closely connected to the children’s everyday life. Each card has a picture on the front with the main vocabulary displayed at the bottom. On the back of each card you will find a story, questions and communication starters. In choosing the language for the flashcards, the focus has been on functional language used in daily life. The cards are made of plastic that can be washed if necessary.





A visual and easy Book of Ideas

The Book of Ideas is an easy to follow approach for teaching English to very young learners. There are both visual and texted prompts and lots of extra materials that adults may find useful to include in their Teddy sessions. The book also includes a variety of rhymes and songs to match each theme. The structure is well defined and simple, making it easy to use for everyone.


The Teddy bag is part of the game

The Teddy bag is made of brightly coloured material with a draw string at the top, making it easy to open. It can be used to store the materials, but is also a vital part of the learning approach. Put flashcards, other objects and toys in the bag or/and let the children put their hands inside, feeling and guessing what it is. Young children love the excitement of wondering what they find in the bag.


A CD with sing along songs

Each set of themed flashcards includes an accompanying song and rhyme. The lyrics are to be found in the Book of Ideas. The songs and rhymes are sung and recited by people with different accents. This allows the children to hear variation in the spoken English language. 


Teddy hand puppet

Teddy plays a central part in learning English for young children. By using the Teddy hand puppet the adults can inspire the children to communicate through him. When using the hand puppet, move his arms and head in order to show the children different gestures!

Don’t forget to download extra material from the downloads section on this website!

The Teddy bag is produced in Bergen, Norway in a sheltered workshop, providing work for young adults with special needs.